Bringing clarity to cost complexity

What is the true cost of your Pension Scheme?
Should the long-term impact of costs be part of your Scheme's governance framework?
Is your Trustee Board achieving 'Value for Money'?

These are all questions Trustees increasingly have to consider as they look to the sustainability and performance of DB Pension Schemes.

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Cost Transparency Overview  

Cost Transparency Service  
The cost of running your pension scheme is becoming an important governance element, but true cost transparency remains a huge challenge. Few schemes accurately understand what they are paying and what these costs specifically entail.

Responsibility lies with scheme representatives to provide greater cost transparency, but they don’t always know what to look for or what questions to ask. Costs and charges remain widely unknown, misunderstood, and/or undisclosed, leading to a sense of them being mysterious and complex.

Transparency around the full costs of running and managing your scheme can enable better decision making, strengthen your scheme’s governance framework and help with achieving long-term sustainability. Furthermore, regulatory scrutiny of cost transparency is growing, particularly in the DC space, but this scrutiny should also be seen as a road map for what is to come in DB.

As an independent organisation, KAS BANK avoids any conflicts of interests and so is both willing and able to provide this service. Moreover, as a Custodian & Fund Accountant, we are the industry leaders in understanding the nature of the data and where the costs occur along the value chain.

Benefits of Cost Transparency

• Fairer representation of what is happening within your scheme

• Greater insight, improved decision-making and better potential outcomes for your members

• Demonstrating good governance to your members and sponsor

• A thorough understanding of the costs incurred can improve communication with your members

Transparent cost reporting is a critical element of any successful governance approach. It should not be viewed in isolation, but combined with your scheme’s risk and performance reporting to offer a complete overview and put you in control.

Our solution

KAS BANK is demystifying costs by providing an innovative Cost Transparency offering which identifies and explains the costs incurred and puts them into perspective. Schemes can recognise what they are paying and appreciate the value of the services they receive.

• Identifies and captures an advanced spectrum of standardised pension scheme costs

• Innovative dashboard, available online and via an App

• Simple and intuitive interface, customisable for all users, providing detailed visualisation

• Modern reporting for your governance needs

• Option to export all data in Excel format, or direct to email

KAS BANK offers insight into your underlying costs, giving you the tools to demonstrate better governance. As an independent organisation, free from any conflicts of interest, KAS BANK is uniquely positioned to champion cost transparency for UK pension schemes. We are clearly different.