KAS BANK is a specialist European Custodian and Fund Administrator with offices in London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Founded in 1806 in The Netherlands, we draw on over 200 years experience in servicing clients which means that we can combine tradition and knowledge with innovation.

In an age of increasing complexity for investors you need to be confident that your needs are at the heart of your custodian’s business.

Our clients are the focal point of our business; unlike other custodians, we only work on behalf of our clients rather than proprietary interests and always remain free from conflicts of interest. As a “pure-player” our team focuses only on what we do best – provision of services and tools to ensure you can maintain the standards of good governance required to meet your long-term goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

At KAS BANK we are traditional bankers, we value trust and long-term planning, combined with maintaining a low risk profile. We hold ourselves to our Custodian Principles; a set of moral and cultural values that ensure we Secure, Protect and Develop value on behalf of our clients. This focus is supported by our low risk profile and high solvency ratio ensuring you can have confidence in our duty as safekeepers and administrators.

Sikko van Katwijk - Chairman of the Managing Board

In the many meetings I have with our clients in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, I pick up recognition and renewed momentum for our conservative banking principles. Within KAS BANK we do things right, because we care and we plan carefully. On the 10th March 2016 KAS BANK celebrated its 210th birthday, demonstrating our long tradition as a custodian and trusted administrator and underlining our long-term thinking.

Throughout our 210 years we have continually been adapting to developments within the financial markets. We were formed in 1806 as a bank, at a time when financial service providers had little trust in each other. However,  for 210 years, we have shown all the features of a “start-up”. We follow developments in the market and among our clients, but also take the lead. That is only possible if you identify trends and possibilities and translate these into new services and products. In this way, we have already continually been realising an up-to-date interpretation of the term “custodian” for more than 200 years.

We cherish our independent position in the market. We feel a strong social responsibility to secure, protect and develop the securities entrusted to us as well as possible. Only in that way can we honour 210 years of trust, every day.

Pat Sharman - Managing Director, UK

We recognise that there is a significant role in the market for a pure custodian and fund administrator that is committed to the UK industry. Our focus as a team is to show commitment, creativity and collaboration to and with the financial institutions and pension funds we serve, as well as their advisers. By putting client service at the heart of our strategy we are confident we can deliver services and tools that are much needed both now and in the future.

The entire team in London is committed to delivering this strategy together. We believe that by ensuring each team member is a stakeholder in developing a market-leading service here in the UK we can ensure that our clients will receive the level of service they deserve in a market where institutions such as pension schemes have not traditionally been a central focus of custodian banks’ strategies.